Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Why not skim this list of questions and answers that we have compiled below, or feel free to write to us here.

  • OK - where exactly is Samoa?

    Samoa is located in the heart of the South Pacific, approximately half-way between Hawaii and New Zealand. Samoa has two main islands, Upolu and Savaii, and several other less-inhabited islands (ten islands in total). 

    The island of Upolu, while smaller than Savaii, is the most inhabited and is home to the bustling town of Apia, and the Faleolo International Airport.  Coconuts Beach Club is located on the southern sunshine coast of  Upolu, approximately 25 miles from the airport.

  • What is Fa'a Samoa?

    Fa'a Samoa means the Samoan Way.  Samoa is a very traditional society, rich in culture, strong in family and village ties.  The ancient Polynesian culture of Samoa holds that family always comes first.  The Fa'a Samoa consists of three key elements:  matai (chiefs), aiga (extended family) and the church.

  • Is there a difference between Samoa and American Samoa?

    Up until 1997, the nation was known as Western Samoa, at which point it dropped the title “Western” to simply become Samoa.  American Samoa, while similar in ancient customs, is not part of Samoa (it is a protectorate of the USA).  Samoa is a free, independent country.

  • Do I need a visa to enter Samoa?

    Every visitor to Samoa will receive an entry permit allowing them to stay for up to 60 days.

  • Is there a Departure Tax in Samoa?

    This used to be the case, but there is no departure tax currently.

  • What is the currency of Samoa? Will I need local currency at Coconuts?

    The Samoa currency is the Tala (WST).  You may acquire Tala when you arrive at the Faleolo airport (your best exchange rate may be by using the ATM).  You can also exchange some money at banks in Apia. Coconuts can also exchange some currency for you, however, you will not be required to have any local Tala for any of your purchases at the resort.  All of your purchases can be put on your account, which you may settle when you depart.

  • What is the dress code?

    Coconuts is a very casual resort. Our motto is: Life is too short to get dressed up for dinner!  If you care to dress fancy, please feel free. However, casual and resort wear is appropriate at all times.  We do ask that guests do not practice nude or topless sunbathing, as that is very much against local custom.  Also, when visiting the local village, church, or town we ask that you respect local custom and dress conservatively.

  • Is the water safe to drink at Coconuts?

    All of the water at Coconuts is treated, and very safe to drink. In addition to our fresh drinking water, we also provide a (optional) free minibar (restocked every day) that includes bottled water, soda, local beer and wine.

  • What kind of power and plugs are available at Coconuts?

    Coconuts is very unique in that it offers BOTH 110V and 220V power at the resort. You will find outlets similar to Australia and New Zealand, as well as outlets with 110V that accept North American plugs. 

  • Is there a swimming pool at Coconuts?

    Oh yes - and it is in the shape of a gecko, complete with a thatched roof swim up pool bar.

  • Is it appropriate to Tip at Coconuts?

    No, it is not customary to tip individuals. If you enjoyed your stay with us, you may choose to leave a donation for the entire staff (the tip box is normally at our Reception desk). However, it is not appropriate to give individual tips.

  • What language do they speak at Coconuts?

    Everyone who works at Coconuts speaks English and Samoan.  For the most part, everyone you meet in Samoa will have some working knowledge of English, although the more rural areas will speak predominantly Samoan.  A few important words for you to know include:

          Talofa                     Hello 
          Tofa                     Goodbye 
          Fa'amolemole              Please 
          Ioe                          Yes 
          Leai                          No 
          Fa'afetai              Thank You 
  • If I don't want to rent a car, how can I get around the island?

    One fun way to explore Upolu is by taking the island bus. These colourful buses run between Coconuts and Apia, Monday to Saturday. They are a great way to get out, see the island, and meet the locals. But, don't be in a rush. This is Samoa after all.

  • What is a Returning Nut?

    Coconuts has a very strong returning guest ratio, and some guests continue to visit us year after year.  We lovingly refer to all of our past guests as Returning Nuts.  There is a very strong community of Returning Nuts.