Patient Testimonials

  • … Approximately 60 years ago I was involved in a head-on collision and my heel bone was fractured. Since then I have suffered with excruciating pain caused by  … walking a short distance. … I now find that I can walk without pain… The treatment for me has been absolutely fantastic… I am now able to walk without pain which I have not been able to do for 60 years. Without the expertise of Dr. Merita I would still be suffering…

    – A. G. 2011 –
  • … Doctor Merita Hinds was treating me … last year and the present year and my experiences regarding her were very satisfying. … As a result of her work and dedication I am now free of my symptoms and my disease (ovarian cancer) … I will definitely recommend her to my colleagues and friends in the diplomatic community. I owe her all my gratitude

    – New York 2003 –
  • In December of 1997 I was struck by the shock wave from a  … bomb. As a result I have had a ringing sound in both ears until July of this year. Through the use of … Dr Hinds … completely erased the ringing sounds …

    – N. L. , Short Hills California 2002 –
  • At age 80 my PSA reading was 10 or above. In a short time following the treatment given by Dr. Hinds my PSA reading dropped to 8. … years ago a small tumor was found in my abdominal area. Using … Dr. Hinds has caused this tumor to disappear.

    – C.S. Fresno California, USA. 2002 –
  • My name is … and since my treatment with Doctor Merita Hinds my hormone levels are normal, my cholesterol levels are lower, my triglycerides are reduced by 166 points in one months time, … my memory is improving, … I have more energy when I swim … Thank You Dr. Hinds

    – L.H. 2002 –
  • I met you last June … and you (treated) me for fertility. I got pregnant two months later

    – B.D., Chicago Ill. USA, 2012 –