The Story Behind The Wellness Centre

Not long ago, two of my family members and one close friend had very serious health issues. Conventional medical doctors said these loved ones were untreatable, were going to get worse, and that there were no modern medicines that could help. A close friend who was familiar with the condition of one of my loved ones mentioned the name of Dr. Merita Hinds. Little did I know that this was the answer to my prayers.

I contacted Dr. Hinds on the telephone, and discussed the symptoms, conditions, and specific problems at length. She assured me that she could successfully treat these problems using her knowledge of Oriental medicine. This was wonderful news, however I was unconvinced and decided to do nothing.

Shortly after that, as my loved one’s medical condition seemed be getting worse, another dear friend also mentioned that Dr. Merita Hinds could probably help. It was time, so I called Dr. Hinds and asked her to please come to Samoa to treat one of my family members. To be very honest, this was me reaching out to someone as a last resort, since there were no conventional medical alternatives to pursue.

Dr. Hinds came to Samoa and instituted a three-week program that produced dramatic improvements in a situation that had, for years, produced only a slow downward spiral. Following that success, I had Dr. Hinds treat a friend of mine who lived in Europe and was also suffering from a degenerative condition that was getting worse. Dr. Hinds treated my friend and reversed the decline in his symptoms during a three-week program. I then had Dr. Hinds treat my other family member on the mainland USA, and after a three week treatment program, that person had a complete remission of all symptoms and was able to lead a normal life.

After having seen what Dr. Hinds could do with various health issues that were considered “hopeless” by conventional medicine, I wanted to get the word out to as many people as I could, that there was indeed an alternative to conventional treatment. The Wellness Centre came about as another way to let people know about the healing hands of Dr. Merita Hinds.

Tautaimatapalapala Barry Rose

Wellness Centre